Womb Cancer Course Launched for GPs and Primary Care Clinicians

Peaches Womb Cancer Trust have partnered with GatewayC, the early cancer diagnosis resource, to produce a free, 1-hour CPD course funded by the NHS. The course hopes to support primary care clinicians to detect womb cancer by recognising symptoms that may be indicative of womb, or uterine, cancer and to make effective clinical decisions.

Womb cancer is the 4th most common cancer affecting women, or those with a womb. It accounts for 5% of all new cancer cases in females within the UK with around 9,700 diagnoses each year in the UK. 

 “I am pleased to announce the launch of GatewayC’s free new Uterine Cancer Course. The course features leading specialists and invaluable information to help clinicians detect endometrial cancer at the earliest possible stage in primary care.”

Dr Sarah Taylor, GatewayC GP Lead

“Early diagnosis of womb cancer can improve patient outcomes so it’s important GPs recognise the signs and symptoms. When diagnosed at an early stage womb cancer is often treatable and the survival rate is 92%. However, when the disease is diagnosed at later stages the survival rate reduces to 15%. Currently 1 in 5 women are diagnosed with womb cancer at advanced stages. Peaches are very happy to partner with GatewayC and hope the Uterine Cancer course will help support earlier diagnosis of womb cancer.”

Dr Helena O’Flynn, Peaches Deputy Chair and womb cancer specialist

This free, 1-hour course, which counts towards continuing professional development, supports clinicians in recognising symptoms that may be indicative of womb cancer in pre, peri, and post-menopausal patients, and to make effective clinical decisions. 

To access this course, start via this link. The course is fully funded by the NHS and is currently available for clinicians working across England and Wales.