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Facilitating patient involvement in womb cancer research


Why is patient involvement in womb cancer research important?

There are over 9000 new diagnoses of womb cancer every year and numbers are increasing. For this to change, researchers need to find ways to prevent womb cancer, detect it sooner and find better treatments. However, researchers can’t do this alone. Working with people who have experienced womb cancer as a patient or carer makes sure their research reflects what matters to them.

Peaches Patient Voices is such a group of people, keen to use their lived experience to help researchers improve the lives of those with or at risk of womb cancer. When a researcher is seeking patient involvement, we send details to our Patient Voices group inviting members to take part. This may include things like completing a survey, helping to write a patient information sheet, or joining a meeting to discuss a research study being planned. It may involve working alone or in a group and can often be done from home; some involvement takes more time, some less so. Participation is voluntary, and Patient Voices members are completely free to choose which research studies they want to get involved in.

Each person’s experience is unique and researchers want to hear a diverse range of voices to ensure research outcomes are relevant to everyone affected by womb cancer. We are really keen to involve people from the broadest possible range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds and welcome involvement from anyone with experience of any type of womb cancer at any time.

If you would like more information on Peaches Patient Voices, or would like to get involved, either as a patient or carer with lived experience of womb cancer, or as someone researching womb cancer, please contact us by emailing [email protected].

You can also follow us on social media for news about womb cancer research and for other opportunities to take part in research.

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