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Peaches Womb Cancer Trust is One!


Happy birthday to us!



Welcome to our first newsletter…we’re pleased to report there is a lot to cover, so we hope you’re sitting comfortably!


Raising Awareness

Raising public awareness of womb cancer is an important focus of our work at Peaches Womb Cancer Trust, and with that in mind, we have held several awareness and educational events over the last year. #givewombcanceravoice

Our first event was held back in September 2020 when we hosted a live Q&A on Instagram with Professor of Gynaeoncology and Trustee of Peaches Womb Cancer Trust, Professor Emma Crosbie, focusing on the symptoms and diagnosis of womb cancer.

Live QandA

Following this, in May 2021 we held our first virtual awareness event  “Peaches Womb Cancer Trust: My Womb Cancer Story”, featuring the brave words of Sally, supported by her daughter Sarah.  Sally’s story has inspired “Peaches Patient Stories”, where others have shared their own womb cancer journey in the hope that it might be of some comfort and support to readers, as well as increasing awareness.  A huge thank you to Sally, Sarah, Debby, Nicola, Karen, Jenny and Carol (who has provided a poignant poem reflecting upon her experience); your unique stories will help others feel less alone. These can be found on our website (  If you would like to share your own womb cancer journey, whether as a patient or a relative, please email us at [email protected].

To mark Womb Cancer Awareness Month in September, we hosted the virtual event “Living Well with Womb Cancer”, which featured fantastic talks from experts in nutrition, psychology, pelvic physiotherapy and sexual function and the personal journey of our supporter Debby – this is now available to read in full on our website.  We hope to have the videos available for you to watch soon – keep an eye on our website!

We have been working with companies to offer employee educational talks on womb cancer to raise awareness of the risk factors, early symptoms and diagnosis.  We were invited to speak to employees of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in September and our next event is planned for November with Addleshaw Goddard LLP who have supported us since we launched in 2020. If you would like Peaches Womb Cancer Trust to host an educational event at your company, please email your enquiry to [email protected].

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Our mission at Peaches Womb Cancer Trust is to improve the lives of those with and at risk of womb cancer.  We have been working with healthcare and government bodies to advocate for those living with womb cancer.

We were invited to review and provide opinion on the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Consultation: “Dostarlimab for previously treated advanced or recurrent endometrial cancer with high microsatellite instability or mismatch repair deficiency [ID3802]”.  NICE is a public body of the Department of Health which publishes clinical guidance and guidance in health technologies within the NHS.

We have also been invited to review the latest guidance from the British Gynaecological Cancer Society (BGCS) “Guidelines on the diagnosis and management of uterine cancer”.  BGCS are a society of medical professionals who seek to improve the care provided to gynaecological cancer patients.

Earlier in the year, the UK Government made a call for public views to help inform and develop their Women’s Health Strategy.  This aims to identify the health care needs of women to improve women’s health care throughout their lives.  We supported and circulated this on social media  to give our followers a chance to have their voices heard – thank you to all who took part.



We are proud to have supported two early career researchers to present their work at scientific conferences.  Dr Mark Brincat was awarded the Peaches Womb Cancer Trust Blair Bell Bursary 2021 and Olivia Jones, a third year medical student, presented her work at the International Gynaecologic Cancer Society Global Meeting in August 2021.

Last month we were delighted to launch Peaches Patient Voices, a group of people with lived experience of womb cancer who are keen to be involved in research. Plans are already underway for a researcher to present her proposals to this group for their feedback. Huge thanks go to Helen White for everything she is doing to make this a success!

Read more about their research here.



We could not undertake any of our work without the generous donations and hard work of our supporters and fundraisers.  In the last year, in keeping with Covid-19 restrictions, people have run, walked, wobbled and baked to raise money for womb cancer.

Our fundraisers were creative during the pandemic as planned events, such as the Manchester 10K, were cancelled.   In spite of this Dr Helen Clarke, one of our trustees, ran her 10K for us around the lanes and canal tow paths of Cheshire – raising over £1000 which helped us launch the charity and build our website.

Sally and Sarah hosted a socially distant “Wiggle your Womb for Womb Cancer” event and a raffle, raising over £800.

Many of you donned your trainers and walking boots and participated in “Walking for Wombs” – which is open to anyone irrespective of their mobility needs; you don’t need to participate on foot!  This raised over £2000 during our first womb cancer awareness month in September 2020.

The team of gynaecological cancer reseachers at St. Mary’s Hospital in Manchester baked a selection of gynaecology themed cakes for a charity bake sale to celebrate Womb Cancer Awareness Month in September 2021 and raised £250 for Peaches Womb Cancer Trust.

Most recently, runners have been able to participate in running challenges again.  Matt and Ruth are two supporters who very kindly ran the challenging 13 miles of the Great North Run 2021 in aid of Peaches Womb Cancer Trust raising an amazing £2500!!

A special thank you must go to Womb Cancer Awareness and Womb Cancer Support UK. Womb Cancer Awareness have worked tirelessly to raise awareness of womb cancer and an astounding amount of money has been raised in aid of Peaches Womb Cancer Trust. They have sold teddies, t-shirts, face masks, hand gel, key rings, water bottles and mugs. We are forever grateful for their hard work and support. Womb Cancer Support have done an amazing job of supporting patients over many years, which they continue to do, whilst also championing us at Peaches. They also donated an amazing sum of money they had raised to Peaches, which has made a massive difference.


Thank You

Our final thank you is to all of you that have donated to our charity since we formed in 2020.

You can donate as a one off or regularly via direct debit. The donate button can be found on our home page, or press the donate button below to hop across.

We are forever grateful to anyone who has donated to Peaches Womb Cancer Trust, however big or small. Your contribution will improve lives.

If you would like to fundraise on behalf of our charity, please email us at: [email protected]

Thank you for your support

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